Aphasia Friendly Information

What is Aphasia?

Download this document in pdf form below.

Chinese -Simplified

Chinese – Traditional



Haitian Creole





Communication Tips

Download Communication Tips in pdf format below.

How to Communicate with Someone You Love – English


Aphasia Bill of Rights

In 2005, the National Aphasia Association developed an “Aphasia Bill of Rights” for people with aphasia. To see the Bill of Rights on the aphasia.org website, Click Here


Download a simplified version of the Aphasia Bill of Rights below.

Bill of Rights in Chinese – Simplified

Bill of Rights in Chinese – Traditional

Bill of Rights in English

Bill of Rights in Korean

Bill of Rights in Spanish

9 Tips To Prevent A Stroke

To download “9 Tips To Prevent A Stroke” in pdf format, Click Here

What Can People with Aphasia Do?

To download “What Can People With Aphasia Do?” in pdf format, Click Here