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Free Online Aphasia Therapy at Boston University

The Aphasia Research Lab at Boston University is conducting a study that provides free speech/language therapy for word finding deficits to bilingual English-Spanish and English-Mandarin speakers (any level of proficiency in these languages) who have had a stroke and present persistent language difficulties. Study participation involves 20 treatment sessions twice per week and language and cognitive testing prior and after treatment. Both assessments and treatment are provided at no cost and can be conducted remotely via videoconferencing. Feel free to reach out to us with questions via email at or via phone at 617-353-2706 or spread the word to others who might be interested!

Aphasia Research Center at the University of Maryland

We study language production and comprehension of people with aphasia!

To better understand aphasia, and related symptoms

To design a better aphasia treatment •Why do some PWA experience difficulty in producing sentences, particularly, verbs in sentences? •What types of treatments are most efficacious in rehabilitating individuals with difficulties in sentence production? •What neural mechanisms are involved in the processing and production of verbs and sentences?

You are the key in our success in learning more about Aphasia!

Interested in participating?

We welcome your participation !

  • Treatment study
  • Behavioral study
  • Time commitment varies, but first involves 2-4 hours of testing.
  • Online testing is scheduled at your convenience.
  • If eligible, therapy is FREE OF CHARGE.

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If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (301) 405-2477.

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