Aphasia Organizations

Aphasia Centers Around the World

Adler Aphasia Center
Maywood, New Jersey, 15 minute drive from New York City.

Aphasia Center of California
San Francisco, California

Aphasia Center of Michigan
Saline, Michigan

Aphasia Center of Tucson
Tucson, Arizona

Aphasia Institute
Toronto, Ontario

Aphasia NYC
New York City, New York

Association of Aphasic
Germany (in German)

Australian Aphasia Association Inc.
St Lucia, Queensland, Australia

Boston Aphasia Community Group
Boston, Massachusetts

London, England

DaZy Aphasia Center
at University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio

Houston Aphasia Recovery Center
Houston, Texas

Potomac, Maryland

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Moss Rehab Aphasia Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Queensland University Aphasia Groups
Brisbane, Queensland

Speaking of Aphasia, LLC
Montclair, New Jersey

Step Forward, LLC
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Stroke Comeback Center
Vienna, Virginia

Triangle Aphasia Project
Morrisville, North Carolina

University of Michigan Aphasia
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Voices of Hope for Aphasia
St. Petersburg, Florida

West Texas Aphasia Center
West Texas, Texas

Westman Aphasia, Inc
Brandon, Manitoba

York-Durham Aphasia Centre
Stouffville, Ontario

Aphasia Organizations

Aphasia Access
Organization to support a Life Participation Approach to Aphasia.

Aphasia Corner
Website that provides aphasia therapy exercises, highlights people with aphasia, and educates about aphasia.

Aphasia Friends
The Aphasia Friends mission:  Promote awareness for the disability aphasia to the general public.  Create a strong network of aphasia survivors, family, caregivers, professionals friends.

Aphasia Hope Foundation
An organization devoted to promoting aphasia research and sharing information about aphasia.  It was started by a person with aphasia and co-survivors.

Aphasia Recovery Connection
Online support and sponsors aphasia events around the country.

Aphasia Toolbox
The Pittsburgh Aphasia Treatment, Research and Education Center, office in PA, VA, OH and distance therapy anywhere.

Aphasia Now
Website by aphasic people of working age.

Assisted Speech Technology VAST
I have invented a new technology to talk – video

UK Connect News
Connect is a charity for people living with aphasia, a communication disability which usually occurs after stroke.

National Aphasia Association
The National Aphasia Association is a nonprofit organization that promotes public education, research, rehabilitation and support services to assist people with aphasia and their families.

The British organization for people with aphasia and their co-survivors. The mission of Speakability is to support and empower people with aphasia to overcome the barriers they face.

Speech Excellence
The Center for Speech Excellence provides children and adults the advantage of excellent speech, language, and voice as tools for achieving health, happiness, and success.

Stroke Family
Aphasia recovery tools work differently and far better than other speech therapy tools. That’s because we utilize specific techniques based on the brain research that shows that the other side of the brain can reconnect speech.

Talkback Association for Aphasia
Talkback is an Australian organization devoted to helping people with aphasia. They welcome penpals with aphasia!