Aphasia Organizations

Aphasia Access
Organization to support a Life Participation Approach to Aphasia.


Aphasia Corner
Website that provides aphasia therapy exercises, highlights people with aphasia, and educates about aphasia.


Aphasia Hope Foundation
An organization devoted to promoting aphasia research and sharing information about aphasia.  It was started by a person with aphasia and co-survivors.


Aphasia New Zealand Charitable Trust
mate ngaronga reo

Information about aphasia, support groups, training


Aphasia Recovery Connection
Online support and sponsors aphasia events around the country.


Aphasia Stroke of India
Information and resources for aphasia survivors and co-survivors in English
Bilingual aphasia workbook in English and Hindi


Assisted Speech Technology VAST
I have invented a new technology to talk – video


Association Internationale Aphasie
Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium
Website is in English
Aphasia news
Explanations of Aphasia in many languages


Association of Aphasie
Germany (in German)


Australian Aphasia Association Inc.
St Lucia, Queensland, Australia


National Aphasia Association
The National Aphasia Association is a nonprofit organization that promotes public education, research, rehabilitation and support services to assist people with aphasia and their families.


Talkback Association for Aphasia
Talkback is an Australian organization devoted to helping people with aphasia. They welcome pen pals with aphasia


1 Response to Aphasia Organizations

  1. Lisa Seidel Salinas says:

    Any recommendations for aphasia being used to declare a person incapacitated in order to have her confined by a Power of Attorney at a full care facility [Florida!, +3years, by 82yo mom and a brother (who resents her for getting all the inheritance from their father, who had separated from the mother). Also,her daughter is too poor and ignorant to see that her mother is fine. The facility does not have the Right to curtain her “patient rights” , She is not legally Incompetent, only GP(of facility) incapable. When she had the ‘right’ to go out to lunch with friends, they would give her sedative drugs unless it was surprise.(I wish we had tested her). She married during lunch once and he is fighting for guardianship. The mom plays a nice sweet woman, but inside she’s NUTS. We got a lawyer, for guardianship but how to find lawyer to compensate for her POOR rehab (1 year she had itchy hives all over her body; when the physicians FINALLY stopped her medicine , which was NEVER necessary for her condition, the hives went away.). When she asked to be moved to a different facility, they sedated her and her mother said NO! even though the facility was in the same town and was deemed satisfactory by her GP. In her 3 years here, the Director of the facility was changed because they were deemed unfit for the job. This facility has publicly know problems with NIH inspections. She has been confined in a place which has treated her exactly like a jail. After her stroke her mental capacity has been severely injured. She has no broken bones so we have trouble getting a civil lawyer.
    The mother has had her house locked up and has refused to pay taxes with the patient’s money. The same with the car. Against her will, the home is being allowed to deteriorate, until the state will reposses and then, the brother or daughter will get some funds when she dies. I would not believe this story, but I have been following this for 4 years, visiting her. I had a severe Traumatic Brain Injury 20 years ago, with a great recovery. I have an autistic child. I nearly received a PhD in EE. This story is the truth. She has not asked for therapy while in this place. She does not trust their physicians because of the horrid medical practice she has seen. (She is not the first patient to have their right’s stolen in this facility, but he dies a year ago)


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